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Workshop: Mentoring, Gender Equality & Organisational Culture Change

Workshop for Mentors:
Mentoring, Gender Equality & Organisational Culture Change – The 'Bifocal Approach'. Linking Individual Development to Organisational Change

Wann?  Donnerstag, 20. März 2014, 14:00 Uhr s.t.
Wo?      MZA, Seminarraum 4, EG (neben Kapelle)

The mentors' role and the nature of the mentoring relationships they form with mentees are critical to this approach. In this workshop Jen will present research and frameworks that will assist mentors to clarify and develop their approaches to their mentor role. Both novice and experienced mentors will benefit from this exploration and how they can best 'add value' to the working life of their mentee, and contribute to their own learning and that of the university at the same time.
This workshop for mentors will combine the presentation of mentoring research and some new mentoring frameworks, with opportunities for collegial discussion and some time for reflection. It will assist new and experienced mentors to develop, refine and renew their mentoring practice.

Dr Jennifer de Vries is committed to assisting organisations to build more gender equitable, diverse, inclusive and innovative organisations where all employees can make their best contribution.

==> Hinweis: In der Reihe Wissen kompakt findet am Mittwoch, 19.03.2014, 16:00 Uhr eine "Lecture & Discussion" mit der Referentin statt!
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Dr Jennifer de Vries is a well-known Australian researcher and consultant on mentoring, leadership development, and gender equity and organizational change in higher education more broadly. She was Senior Staff Development Officer and then Lecturer in Higher Education Development at UWA. Jen currently holds a part-time appointment with the University of Melbourne as a Senior Academic Fellow: Organisational Development, as well as working as an independent consultant. She led, for more than a decade, the Leadership Development for Women program at UWA which includes a mentoring component and this has been the model for many other schemes both within and external to the higher education sector. She provides expert consulting services in the design of mentoring and leadership development programs and has worked with the LH Martin Institute as a consultant on mentoring. She is both a practitioner, and a researcher, with publications including those listed below. Her work on mentoring has also been adopted by universities in Europe and New Zealand.

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